Additional Virtual Care Resources

Teaching/learning Virtual Care:

University of Toronto (UofT) Centre of Faculty Development resource hub:

 UHN COVID-19/ Virtual Care Hub:

UHN Hub: Tips for Supervising Learners Providing Virtual Care (PDF):

Teaching and Learning in the Time of COVID-19 (UHN):

Teaching in the Time of COVID-19:\

American Medical Association Virtual Care/ COVID-19 resources::

Frequently Asked Questions and Concerns (UHN Hub):

Telemedicine Guide via (

AAMC Telehealth Competencies:

Patient scheduling (UHN):

Supervising learners while providing virtual-care – PDF (Northern Ontario School of Medicine):

Telehealth tips for practice and supervision (PDF):

Teaching with technology:

Temerty Faculty of Medicine (UofT) COVID19 resources:

Synchronous Teaching and Learning

Telemedicine and virtual care guidelines (and other clinical resources for COVID-19 -Royal College:

Doctors of BC virtual care hub:

Wellbeing guide (Tele-Presence-5):

Virtual Physical Examination:

Cardiac virtual physical exam:

TeleHealth 10 for Virtual physical examination:

Canadian Rheumatology Association (CRA) – Virtual Care Modules (inc. Virtual Care MSK examination training):

VICCTR Module 6 – Virtual MSK Exam:

Patient preparation and guides for Virtual Care:

Video (Doctors of BC). Patient guide on how to install and use Zoom for virtual visits:

One-page handout for patients:

Doctor’s Technology Office (BC) : patient troubleshooting guide:

Medicolegal aspects of Virtual Care:

CPSO guidance:

CMPA guidance:

Updated: 12 September 2022