Step Comments
Confirm process for working with your supervisor (consider contacting your supervisor in advance of the clinic)

Confirm supervisor expectations

  • ·Will your supervisor directly or indirectly observe the visit?
  • How will you contact your supervisor for key issues during the visit?
  • Confirm components of the virtual visit (e.g., history, physical exam, diagnosis, management plan, follow up) and which aspects require check in with your supervisor
  • How will case review your supervisor work?
  • How will counseling and recommendations be communicated to your patient afterwards?
  • Do you have the resources you need (for example, do you need home EPR access?)
Review chart
  • Ensure suitability for phone/video visit
  • Consider whether you will need an interpreter or family member present
Familiarize yourself with video conference technology
  • Clarify the choice of application which will depend on your hospital policy and must be PIPEDAHIPAA compliant.
  • Some application examples:, and Zoom for Healthcare.
  • Familiarize yourself with the software features.
Contingency planning
  • Be prepared for technical difficulties.
  • If the video application fails, you may have to resort to using the phone
    • Make sure you have a phone number.
Set up your space
  • Ensure adequate lighting and professional background
  • Test microphone/webcam
  • Angle webcam so that you will be looking at patient directly
  •  Minimize interruptions; consider putting a sign on the door
  • Ensure privacy
Pre-intake forms and/or orientation (if applicable)
  • If applicable in your clinic, have patients complete pre-intake forms and/or watch orientation video for software to be used, such as for OTN
  • Patients may be directed to other resources such as FAQ by the CPSO